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1. It still (to rain)-How awful! I(to have) to put on my rubber boots if it (not to stop) raining in a couple of hours
2. What a beautiful dress you (to wear)!- Thank you. I(to make) it myself.
3. They say if you (to see) a clack cat, you (not to have) good luck.
4.What you(to do)?- Im an engineer.
5.My watch (to stop). I must take it to the watchimakers.
7.You know , I (to lose) my glasses the other day.

Choose the right article
1....roof is wet after....rain
2.Is...pencil on...desk?-No its on ... teachers table
3.I cant open...door Will you help me?
4.I want you to buy..apples and oranges. Here is ..money.
5. Its..time for..children to go to....bed. Its ...half past 9.

Ответ оставил Гость

1.it is still raining...I shall have to...if it doesnt stop
2.you are wearing...I have made
3.you see..you wont have
4.do you do
5.has stopped
6.I lost

1.the ...the

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